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Before making decision about choosing a roof top tent read this article!

The bush in Australia is an unforgiving place. An equipment failure on a trip can be a harsh lesson.

The toughest environment in the world demands the toughest gear in the world. It demands fabric that won’t wear out under the pounding Australian sunshine, it demands tent zippers that won’t get stuck after miles of driving through Australia’s infamous dust; and it demands 100% waterproof fabric to secure you from pouring rain in the middle of the night.

Rooftop tents have become a popular choice for rugged 4WD drivers who want the home comforts of a dry comfortable bed, but don’t want the track limitations of a camper trailer, or the discomfort and long pack up of a tent.

So how do you choose between the many different aqualities and styles available?

First, I would consider the experience of the company producing the rooftop tent. Does the manufacturer sell under its own name or is it a “clone “ tent , one of many that come from a factory in China or elsewhere and sold under many different brands.

Howling Moon has made rooftop tents for over 40 years with many of the first tents still being used. We have stood the test in time in the most demanding conditions.

This experience is shown by the security and waterproofing of the tent cover, which resists any water intrusion while travelling, as there is nothing worse than a wet bed on a cold night.

The tent material is the real rip-stop not the so called proclaimed rip-stop of inferior tents. It is heavy duty similar to what many armies use in their combat tents. Nobody enjoys repairing tents that have been damaged by branches or wind because they are of light construction or zips that fail open because they are poor quality.

The floor material is also important and Howling Moon tents have a superior aluminium composite base for lightness, durability and the ability to repel water. It will never warp rot or bend over time and acts as a great insulator against the colds and heat of the night.

The ladder is most important. As we get older we need a substantial ladder to enter the tent as one slip here can turn a great holiday into a nightmare, and deter people from continuing with their use of a rooftop tent. The Howling moon ladder is of high quality and stability and enables even older people to comfortably use their rooftop tent.

The durability of the frame and fittings determines how long the tent will last and Howling Moon tents are designed for long term usage with their 380Grm per square metre fabric weight compared to the many lightweight fabric tents on the market. The fabric is also Fluoro carbon coated for extra water shedding qualities. We have also added an antifungal treatment so if you need to close up the tent while it is still wet you can but you must try and get it open and dried completely in the next few days.

In many ways it is difficult to readily see at a glance the quality differences between cheap often Chinese tents and a quality product such as Howling Moon, however the “Devil is in the Detail”

Small details spell the difference between:

Being waterproof or thoroughly wet in the cover –

Between resisting branch strike and bending –

Of having a secure ladder or slipping at a midnight nature call –

We at Howling Moon do not compromise on quality!

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin.

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