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How to choose your floor type

Permanent Fit: The Body is built permanently onto the tray that we supply to you.

Or, if your vehicle has an Existing Tray – we will remove the tray to assemble the build and modification for permanent fixture and re-fit the body/tray together to your cab chassis. Your vehicle would be required minimum 2-3 days. This configuration is Remove & Modify.

The fibreglass body shell is glued, bolted and screwed together to the tray and cannot be removed after time of adhesion. To do so would involve smashing and breaking the fibreglass off the tray.

Strong Construction

Built tough to stand the test of time. Solid construction achieved with a reinforced shell, built in support bars to support load racks. Features include solid waterproof hinges, polished stainless steel fittings, lockable doors for security, waterproof seals and much more. The Work & Leisure Centre features recessed glass windows that sit flush with the exterior and allows for a greater glass area at a more cost effective price.

Easily Accessible

Options are endless with two or three large fully accessible doors. The Work & Leisure centre allows you access to your tools: quickly and easily. The rear door does not interfere with long items on roof rack. With the custom made storage systems and slide away work bench option you can turn your body into a mobile work centre for the ‘Tradesman on the Move’.


Base Rail:

The specific AWLB Aluminium extrusion is designed and used for fitment to suit most trays and is fitted around the base perimeter of the body shell. This is then bolted to your existing tray in each corner for easy removal if required.

Sealing is maintained by adhesive foam tape and silicon to ensure waterproof integrity is maintained when despatched from AWLB.

Once the body is removed and the seal is broken – the resealing of the body unit back onto the vehicle’s tray is the responsibility of the owner.


Our quality design is so flexible that the entire unit can be removed and reinstalled with minimal downtime as you upgrade your vehicle. This means that once you have your fit out to suit you – the total unit always stays with you.


Allows for plenty of room with maximum access and rain cover when the doors are open. The Work & Leisure centre has been designed to maximise every inch of space accessible from three sides of the body with a range of options, allowing storage of small to large items.

Specialty Trade Modifications

Designed for flexibility, the Work & Leisure centre can be modified to suit any trade. Perfect for electricians, plumbers, painters, builders, pest control, mobile food vending and any business that requires movable storage & work space.

False Floor

False Floor: The Base Rail extrusion is built-in with floor planking to provide a complete floor for the body, which provides a permanently sealed unit to attach to your existing tray. The False Floor is bolted to your existing tray or for an additional cost, over-centre latches can be fitted as per customer request.

AWLB can also supply a Jack-Off Tray/Body Removal System with Stands and Attachments. This is a False Floor Lift-Off Legs & Attachments.