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IX Series Body

  • Solid Body – *Windows are optional*.
  • All doors open with two gas stays.
  • Hinges are full stainless steel piano type and waterproof.
  • Locks are stainless steel with Drop T handles.
  • LED Stop Light to rear door.
  • Built-In support bars for roof rack system.
  • Internal LED Lights.

External Dimensions

Standard Two door, with a Three door option available

Single Cab – 2425mm (length) x 1885mm (width)

Extra Cab – 2060mm (length) x 1885mm (width)

Dual Cab – 1760mm (length) x 1885mm (width)


Internal Dimensions

(Tray Deck Floor To Ceiling)

Single Cab – 950mm

Extra Cab – 950mm

Dual Cab – 950mm



Strong Construction

Built tough to stand the test of time. Solid construction achieved with a reinforced shell, built in support bars to support load racks. Features include solid waterproof hinges, polished stainless steel fittings, lockable doors for security, waterproof seals and much more. The Work & Leisure Centre features recessed glass windows that sit flush with the exterior and allows for a greater glass area at a more cost effective price.

Easily Accessible

Options are endless with two or three large fully accessible doors. The Work & Leisure centre allows you access to your tools: quickly and easily. The rear door does not interfere with long items on roof rack. With the custom made storage systems and slide away work bench option you can turn your Body into a mobile work centre for the ‘Tradesman on the Move’.

Great Storage

Fit your Body with custom made storage and shelving systems or do-it-yourself fit out. Perfect for those fiddly accessories that need to be found in a hurry. Store fittings, nails, screws, bolts, tubing, tools and machinery easily and securely. Be assured they won’t end up all over the tray.

Specialty Trade Modifications

Designed for flexibility, the Work & Leisure centre can be modified to suit any trade. Perfect for electricians, plumbers, painters, builders, pest control, mobile food vending and any business that requires movable storage & work space.


Our quality design is so flexible that the entire unit can be removed and reinstalled with minimal downtime as you upgrade your vehicle. This means that once you have your fit out to suit you – the total unit always stays with you.


Allows for plenty of room with maximum access and rain cover when the doors are open. The Work & Leisure centre has been designed to maximise every inch of space accessible from three sides of the Body with a range of options, allowing storage of small to large items.

Aluminium floor size:
Single Cab 2425mm (length) x 1885mm (width)
Extra Cab 2060mm (length) x 1885mm (width)
Dual Cab 1780mm (length) x 1885mm (width)

All Bodies are manufactured fibreglass design

Internal height of Body:
Single Cab 950mm
Extra Cab 950mm
Dual Cab 950mm
Side doors opening size:
Single Cab 1910mm (width) x 715mm (height)
Extra Cab 1610mm (width) x 715mm (height)
Dual Cab 1310mm (width) x 715mm (height)
Rear doors opening size:
Single Cab 1230mm (width) x 640mm (height)
Extra Cab 1230mm (width) x 640mm (height)
Dual Cab 81230mm (width) x 640mm (height)
Weight Approximately (Including Tray with NO Windows)
Single Cab 215kg
Extra Cab
Dual Cab 143kg

* Please note for each Window in Body, please allow 10 – 15kg extra weight *

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Dual Cab IX Body

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Extra Cab IX Body

../pix/gallery/ix/xtra/1.jpg ../pix/gallery/ix/xtra/2.jpg ../pix/gallery/ix/xtra/3.jpg ../pix/gallery/ix/xtra/4.jpg ../pix/gallery/ix/xtra/5.jpg ../pix/gallery/ix/xtra/6.jpg ../pix/gallery/ix/xtra/7.jpg ../pix/gallery/ix/xtra/8.jpg ../pix/gallery/ix/xtra/9.jpg ../pix/gallery/ix/xtra/10.jpg ../pix/gallery/ix/xtra/11.jpg ../pix/gallery/ix/xtra/12.jpg

Single Cab IX Body

../pix/gallery/ix/single/1.jpg ../pix/gallery/ix/single/2.jpg ../pix/gallery/ix/single/3.jpg ../pix/gallery/ix/single/4.jpg ../pix/gallery/ix/single/5.jpg ../pix/gallery/ix/single/6.jpg ../pix/gallery/ix/single/7.jpg ../pix/gallery/ix/single/8.jpg ../pix/gallery/ix/single/9.jpg ../pix/gallery/ix/single/10.jpg ../pix/gallery/ix/single/11.jpg ../pix/gallery/ix/single/12.jpg